Инструкция steel mate 888h, волейбол на уроках истории

Нужна инструкция на данную сигнализацию, в Интернете на данную модель инструкцию не нашел , есть только на Steel Mate 888G. Founded in 1993, Steelmate now has the biggest market share of automotive electronic products in China. We are nominated for the best quality of products The minimized vovume of sensor and display make the product compact,small and easy for installation.It saves the installation time and installation cost,anyone. STEEL-MATE,DVR,Parking Assist Systems,Car Alarm Systems,Motorcycle Alarm Systems,Car Audio,Bluetooth Car Kits,GPS,TPMS.

Инструкции по установке и эксплуатации автосигнализации Steel. Сигнализация с обратной связью Steel mate 888H оф.сайт www.steel-mate. com/en/web…a/products/Car_Alarm_Sys/. Первым делом разгрёбся с вот этим. Congratulations on your wise choice of Steelmate Car. Alarm System! . It is highly recommended you read this manual carefully before using

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